Heeeey There!

So…I’ve decided to start a blog to help record my thoughts for future projects, my interests and my uni work.

I have recently graduated from Shetland College UHI with a BA in Contemporary Textiles…with distinction (very important to add that part!) and I am currently continuing my studies down in Galashiels at Heriot Watt University.

I specialise in Woven textiles and being down in Gala will provide me with the knowledge to work in industry, well hopefully!

Not forgetting where I’ve come from, Shetland is the most amazing place to be and also not to be at the same time. It is a strange place. The vast open-ness and the sea is what I love…and the close knit communities and family. It was important for me to move  away as a young person, so that I can experience the world as we know it!Image

So from one small place to another….let the creative adventures begin!

(Photo from a tiny hidden place on the west side of Shetland called Culswick, its beautiful there and so quiet!)


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