I miss the sea…..

Raewick Beach – West Side, Shetland

I miss the sea. Alot. I have been away from Shetland for 3 months now. And I miss the sea sooo much! It’s weird. I miss the noise it makes, in the background of silence. Because the sea is never silent. The tide is always on the move.
I miss being able to look out into the distance and see where the sea meets the sky.

My house in Lerwick looks onto the shore, and my bedroom window fits nicely into a gap between two houses, meaning I have the perfect view over Brewick Bay……the sea was the last thing I looked at before I went to bed, and the first thing I saw in the morning. I didn’t think about missing the sea before I moved…I was more concerned with missing my family and friends.
Brewick Bay, taken from my window

I love looking out into the distance and seeing the coastline far away. There is so much room to think and imagine. The sea in Shetland can portray so many different emotions.

On a nice day there is nothing more beautiful than the sea, sparkling like diamonds (My friend Ella would say) but if you catch a glimpse on a day with gale force gales, its anger and loud crashing waves will make you want to run inside and stay there for the night.

The Scottish Borders are lovely, but in a  different way…the rolling green hills and many tree’s create a different scene which I am far from used to. I still cant get used to seeing so many different types of tree’s everyday. And the colours of Autumn. In Shetland there are now tree’s for the leaves to turn yellow, red and brown. They just get blown away!…my flat mates still find it hard to imagine somewhere with no trees……

The second part of the collaborative project im involved with through Shetland Arts Trust, Farlin, is in March 2013, in St Andrews. I got an email today with some event information and it made me really excited to get home at Christmas so I can weave my idea’s up

Andy, my Farlin partner and I are working with the sea as the main theme….(Yes…my idea) I emailed Andy when I first moved down about how much I was missing the sea, and from there it has become our subject.
We’ve got some great Idea’s and I cant wait to post about how the turn out!

November 2012 – Voe, Shetland 


3 thoughts on “I miss the sea…..

  1. I don’t think you are alone in these thoughts when you are used to living in an island as my husband won’t consider having a holiday inland from the sea, even a one night stay in York en-route to Scarborough! I really wanted time to go to York Minster too…..

  2. Glad im not the only one! haha! Think its maybe just in your blood if your from Shetland or an island. Its strange when you finally see the sea, and you have to think back to the last time you saw it. I’ve not really thought about missing something that isn’t a part of your family or friends! Its an odd feeling.

  3. I worked in London a long time ago – kept going to the top floor of the building I worked in, hoping I would see the sea.

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