A busy few months….

So it’s been pretty hectic here in the Scottish Borders for the past two months, but all the hard work will hopefully pay off!! And now we can all relax a little bit as summer is approaching, and we have handed in all our work! The lighter nights are well underway and   spring has sprung here in Gala!

I’ve uploaded a few pictures from my instagram to illustrate how our 12 hour long days were spent during January, February and March in the studio and weaving shed. The Design for Industry module had us designing fabric as part of a live brief for Scottish lifestyle brand ANTA.


IMG_20130304_151748 IMG_20130315_083844 IMG_20130318_120642 IMG_20130318_192730

I can’t quite believe thats my first year over at Heriot Watt, I feel like I just got here! But I am very much looking forward to 4th year in September……I think.

I was home in Shetland for three weeks at the beginning of April, which was great. I spent most of it catching up on sleep and taking pictures of Shetland. I love going home, and seeing everything which I am so used to seeing. It’s weird how when I am away I find myself wondering about what might have changed, but usually on return, nothing has. This is probably why I like going home so much, but also one of the reasons why I wanted to leave to go to uni. I think it is important as a young islander to experience living south, because you appreciate Shetland so much more as a place, and as your home, when you come back. I know I have.


IMG_20130429_150840 IMG_20130413_182853I was lucky enough to have three weeks of lovely weather too. I seem to have become obsessed with taking landscape pictures….which is weird for me as it is usually buildings and any sort of geometric shape which I am attracted too. But it is any of these pictures that I take which usually inspire my design work. I don’t know where I would be without my camera or phone!
I am also pleased to announce that I have been accepted on the Stay and Make program for 12 weeks at the Ann Sutton Foundation up in Yell, during the summer.
It should be a creative summer to remember, and I am glad to be going home too!


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