A busy week in London…..

My busy week in London started off with a visit to New Designers part 1 in Angel at the Business Design Center. As I am going into my Honours year in September, I thought it would be interesting to see the level of work that Graduating textile, craft and jewellery designers were reaching this year.
Spending most of the day wandering around, I took in millions of mental notes as understandably we were not allowed to take pictures. Well done to all the recent graduates who exhibited their work during Part 1 of the event – such talent! I left completely inspired.

As I was staying with friends, I was quite keen to experience things that they do while living in London, its good to experience a culture at the same time as doing all the touristy stuff. So we went to the ‘Big Red’ – an Italian restaurant on a big red double decker located in Detford. That place has the best pizza!

Its strange to think that even though Shetland is still in the UK, London felt like a completely different way of life to me. Perhaps because I was just visiting, and it was my first time in London,  and Shetland and London are at complete opposites to eachother on the map so its no wonder, I just felt so excited to be there. People were friendly and helpful, and I noticed there that no one was afraid to express who they really are. People from all over the world come to London to work and live.

I spent a morning at the V & A, which was far too short a time. I could spend all day in there and still find something interesting to look at. Even the building was amazing! I found myself in the shop before I felt looking through the thousands of books they have. I have an addiction to buying books related to textiles or art. I love to flick through the pages of inspiring pictures.

I really think that London is the place for opportunities and I hope to be back very soon! Here are some of my favourite pics I took while I was there during a week of amazing sunny weather (which was almost too hot for me compared to the Shetland climate!)

DSCF3789 DSCF3832 DSCF3883 DSCF3790 DSCF3866 DSCF3849 DSCF3810 DSCF3817 DSCF3798

Back to reality and Yell this week and in the studio working on samples, If your near by pop along to see me and weaver in residence Kirsty! We’ll be glad to show you what we’ve been up to over the past 6 weeks!


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