Back to the Borders…..

I’ve been back down in the Borders for eight weeks now….(how?) The days are passing so quickly, it’s crazy, and all my time is spent, yarn wrapping, weaving and thinking about textiles. Below is the view from my loom this year.

IMG_20131106_210757This is my final year down here, so we are free to decide our own project. During my summer at home in Shetland and weaving for the Ann Sutton Foundation in Yell, I have realised the importance of Shetland and it’s heritage to me as a young local. I have continued themes of this into my work for my capsule collection.
 Being from a remote location like Shetland is so special, as we are aware that we live in a unique place and this can relate to creative projects really well. I have been exploring our connections with Scandinavia and our own Northern Identity as a unique Island up North.

Here are some photo’s of what I have been up to lately to illustrate my project in a snapshot….and since its Wovember – I have been weaving with 100% wool throughout my project, but I’m currently weaving a large 36″ warp with Shetland Wool – which I am so excited about.

IN 3







I love the dry stone dykes in Shetland….so many geometric shapes!
(Love a geometric shape, I do)

This has to be one of my favourite photographs I took this summer in Lerwick, down near the Lodberries at Bains Beach. I love this old part of the town as there are so many aspects where industrial meets natural and this is something I am really interested in.



DSCF4064 DSCF4001The things which we pass every day yet we take for granted, as they are not a typical ‘beautiful spot’ but I’ve noticed when I am no longer there, these are the things that make up our sense of place, and can contribute to our identity as islanders.

I love taking photographs and they are a main part of my visual work before I get to the design stage.
Keep an eye out for more progress as this semester comes to an end in 4 weeks!










A quick peak at a few sketchbook pages, setting up the loom and a few development samples for you:







IMG_20131030_164541 IMG_20131030_164720


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