London, New Designers and the Worshipful Company of Weavers Associate Prize

A few week have passed since I was down in London, and everything seems to be very exciting at the moment.
London was again, fantastic. The city has such an amazing atmosphere which I love, and I hope I will be back again soon.
New Designers seems like a dream now that I am back home in Shetland, however, it was an amazing experience which I will never forget. And it was made even more special by winning the Worshipful Company of Weavers Associate Prize.

1The Worshipful Company of Weavers is the oldest of the City of Londons 110 Livery companies, and the WC of Weavers has the earliest date of existence, dating back to 1130 AD, which is incredible.
It was such an honour to be chosen as the winner, and I think for me this has been one of my biggest achievements so far. The support from everyone has been over whelming.


I have been back in Shetland now for 2 weeks and I am slowly getting back into the swing of the slow paced life here. And the cold weather. I am also trying to get used to doing nothing as I haven’t had ‘nothing’ to do for a while.
I have had a few decisions to make, but have decided to go on to do my Masters and will be studying at the Glasgow School of Art, on their Masters in Fashion and Textiles from September, which I am really excited about!

So the adventure continues…..




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