Back to lines….

Been in Glasgow for a couple of months now and so far, so good!

I’ve found myself being drawn back to my usual ways and have continued to create ideas revolving around this idea of line…I think it is something to do with my weaver mind and the grid system that weaving works in… anything checked, with lines or grids automatically gets my vote!

I have planned to carry on the theme of Shetland and its Northern Identity,  from my Heriot Watt, except this time, instead of just making a collection of  woven samples, I will be creating a collection of garments and hope to use these as the start of my own textile design label next year.
I have already learnt so much for being here for a few months, being less focused on just textiles has opened up my mind to thinking of a collection as a whole, and not just the fabric. And it’s really exciting.


As I said already, I have found myself looking at line again and have tried to combine influences from Shetland and Glasgow.

The architecture here has been quite a big influence on my work as well as keeping 2in mind the Shetland influence I have previously explored.

Photographing architecture, Fashion and Textiles Masters Studio, Exploring Line.

3A couple of weeks ago, my Mam was down from Shetland, so I went up to Inverness to see her and my grandparents.
Getting away from the city for a few days and being near the sea again was so lovely.
My Mam spent some time putting my Grannys old photographs and slides 5onto the computer so that there are digital copies of them.
I love looking back to the past and seeing how they used to live.

These photos have a lovely colour quality to them and I am hoping to use these to find yarns for my collection.

Findhorn Beach, Stones, My Grandparents, Midwifery, My Mam and the dog Sandy.

As we are about half way through stage one now, the next few weeks will be quite exciting with initial garment construction and weaving taking place. I think this is the longest I haven’t woven for in a long time!


2 thoughts on “Back to lines….

  1. Oh my, I nearly fell over seeing the nurses and how we used to dress!!!!!!!! I had forgotten in my ‘dottage’ haha what menace all that starch was.
    Looking foreward to your new designs. Happy weaving.

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