Weaving and more weaving…..

The last time I blogged I had started to create artworks for taking ideas into sampling….which was back in November. This year in Glasgow has gone so quickly and its somehow it’s May already! I have just handed in my work for the stage two assessment….which means the third and final stage of my masters is approaching so thought I’d take the chance to write a few blogs over the next week to show you whats been happening here!

Weaving and the production of our toiles is in full swing now as we come up to the end of stage two of our masters course in Fashion and Textiles at Glasgow School of Art. I have decided that all my garments are going to be handwoven by myself (I might later regret deciding this…..) but I am sure it will be worth it when I see the end products.

At the moment I am still sampling and trying out lots of different ideas. I have been using some Shetland wool from Jamieson and Smith, for a heavy weight jacket fabric, which has turned out so lovely. Imagine this on a large oversized jacket in Grey.




While I was home at Christmas I started some initial weaving of the heavier weight samples which I am using for my jacket shapes. These are using the Shetland wool from Jamieson and Smith. I’ve used Shetland wool for the past few years while weaving for different projects and it is a lovely yarn to work with because it is so durable. As well as this when woven, washed and pressed I really like the quality of the fabric.  (You can read more about my other projects using Shetland wool here: Farlin ProjectASF – Contemporary Shetland Tweed and Industrial North Collection)





More recently I have been sampling for a shirt shape that I have developed so I have been weaving a lighter weight fabric which could work with this idea, I will update you with this in the next few days!



5 thoughts on “Weaving and more weaving…..

  1. Nice. I LOVE the tweeds. Your grey and red top (under the jacket) is very nice.

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