Update Part two…..

As promised, here is the next update of what I’ve been up to lately:

After I wove a couple of different heavy weight warps for my jacket ideas which I showed in my last blog, (Weaving and more weaving…) I thought that it would be good to do some lighter weight fabrics which could be used for the shirt shape which I have developed.
I have 2 different jacket shapes, and my shirt will hopefully sit lovely underneath them. I am really interested in layering, especially if I am thinking about the Shetland climate, layering is key to keeping warm. Here are some shots of the jacket Toiles I have created:

-My Jacket Toiles: Think big slightly oversized shapes, different sleeve lengths revealing layers.-

Before I go on to show you some of the light weight fabric ideas, this course has opened up a completely new way of working for me. In the past I have just created samples as part of a fabric collection which only needed to be fabric samples. This can be tricky enough, trying to get colours, patterns and different design ideas to be cohesive and create an overall aesthetic. So knowing that my fabrics need to work as ideas for fashion has been a learning curve. I have found that separating the two different areas into sections, Textiles and Shape and Silhouette, has been really helpful as in Stage One I decided what each area would be focused on, and now in Stage Two, I have started to notice that the two different areas are beginning to cross over.
 Lightweight fabric sampling: Keeping lines and gradients in mind –


-Quick Sketches: exploring ideas for shirt patterns.-

By trying not to reveal too much, I hope this gives an insight in to the process of which I am working, and where things might be going next….



4 thoughts on “Update Part two…..

  1. Loving the updates. Really cannot wait till I can wear an Amy scarf or Amy jacket. Love the designs, and how they really stick to your style. Getting inspiration for a line inspired dance. Lets collaborate.

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