Northern Edge Collection Photoshoot

I managed to do a photo shoot in the Reid Building at Glasgow School of Art before our final submission and fashion show. It was really good to see the collection all together and see how things worked together.

My collection, consisted of six looks, all made from my handwoven fabrics and used a combination of 100% Shetland wool from Jamieson and Smith in Lerwick, Cashmere, Merino and Lambswool.

It was really important for my collection to be made from wool, and I was especially keen to use my local Shetland wool. Since my collection was for Autumn/Winter you can see in the pictures below that Shetland wool works perfectly for the heavier weight garments.

BO1-4       BO2-2

BO3-_      BO3-5

BO4-4       BO4-9

BO5-16      BO5-19

BO6-6       BO6-15

Special thanks to Storm McMurrich from Model Team for Modeling and Jamie A.M the photographer.



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