Simone Landwehr-Traxler – ‘Spinning the Yarn’

I went along to see Simone Landwehr-Traxler’s ‘Spinning the Yarn’ exhibition, displayed at House for an Art Lover in Glasgows Bellahouston Park a couple of weeks ago. ‘Spinning the Yarn’ hopes to travel to Shetland in 2018 along with a performance piece which I hope to see at home, however I took the opportunity to see the exhibition while it was on display.

Simone’s exhibition of textile, installation and wax works came to life in the almost outdoor setting. The ‘boat house’ like interior really juxtaposed against the fragile and translucent looking textile pieces which were suspended from the roof in different ways. I really enjoyed the way the pieces moved in the wind, (thanks to the weather that day!) as they reminded me of the way boat sails move with the weather, or a calm sea with a soft flowing tide. On her website, Simone speaks of the themes of her project:

Investigating Fair Isle designs’ reputed origins, Andalusia, and migration to the Outer Hebrides, the project challenges the assumptions underwriting our cultural identity. This project will explore if there are similarities of thought and creative processes linking Islamic/Spanish Andalusia and Scandinavian/Scottish Fair Isle.

You can follow Simones journey here. Some pictures of the exhibition at House for an Art Lover below:








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