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The Weave Shed is a great blog/website focused on all things weaving. Sponsored by the Worshipful Company of Weavers and Central Saint Martins, the site has pages full of designer profiles, textile information, jobs and competitions.
As a follower of the site for a few years now, on Tuesday I was lucky enough to have a post about my prize at New Designers posted!

The Weave Shed The Weave Shed 2To have a read and to visit the site click here: The Weave Shed

This week I also set up a facebook page for my work, if you’d like to join me on facebook, head over to and give it a like!

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London, New Designers and the Worshipful Company of Weavers Associate Prize

A few week have passed since I was down in London, and everything seems to be very exciting at the moment.
London was again, fantastic. The city has such an amazing atmosphere which I love, and I hope I will be back again soon.
New Designers seems like a dream now that I am back home in Shetland, however, it was an amazing experience which I will never forget. And it was made even more special by winning the Worshipful Company of Weavers Associate Prize.

1The Worshipful Company of Weavers is the oldest of the City of Londons 110 Livery companies, and the WC of Weavers has the earliest date of existence, dating back to 1130 AD, which is incredible.
It was such an honour to be chosen as the winner, and I think for me this has been one of my biggest achievements so far. The support from everyone has been over whelming.


I have been back in Shetland now for 2 weeks and I am slowly getting back into the swing of the slow paced life here. And the cold weather. I am also trying to get used to doing nothing as I haven’t had ‘nothing’ to do for a while.
I have had a few decisions to make, but have decided to go on to do my Masters and will be studying at the Glasgow School of Art, on their Masters in Fashion and Textiles from September, which I am really excited about!

So the adventure continues…..



Industrial North Final Collection

We had our Degree Show at the beginning of June, so we were finally able to reveal our collections to industry and the public! Here are some shots from the Degree Show showing my Industrial North Collection:

Industrial North
A collection of dobby and jacquard woven fabrics inspired by Shetlands northern identity as a small island located between mainland Scotland and Norway.
Capturing the movement of line, colour and geometric shape from my own mixed media artworks and the location of Shetland, the collection combines these aspects with traditional woven fabric qualities, such as herringbones, twills and checks and the use of 100% Shetland wool, lambswool and merino.
The final collection brings together influences from Shetland, traditional Scottish fabric qualities and linear aspects of Scandinavian design.
4951 5052


20 15

As my project was based on Shetland and its identity, when I was home at Easter I took some pictures of my friend Ella, wearing my weaving.
We went down to Da Sletts, (the place where I took most of my photographs for my starting point, and also where I took the picture that I used for the Shetland Open at Bonhoga) and the Lodberries as they are two of my favourite parts of Lerwick.
Now, I want to get some of these actually made up into garments like my CAD simulations I used in my display.
I should also add that in some of my samples I used Shetland wool from Jamieson and Smith. It is so lovely and soft when woven and washed and I hope to continue using it in my work.

9 11 5 14 6All the hard worked paid off and I recently found out I will be graduating with First Class Honors at the end of this week!
I have set up a website for my work which is over at if you want to take a look…..
Everything is very exciting at the moment and I will be displaying my collection at the New Designers part 1 Exhibition, which is held every year at the Business Design Center in Islington from the 25th till the 28th of June, so if you are near please come and say Hello!


Ending 2013 back home…..

The 14 or so weeks of my first semester of 4th year certainly flew by, and now we are into the start of 2014 which will be the year of change and opportunities, hopefully.
My capsule collection was based on themes of Shetland, particularly Lerwick, and outside influences that help to inspire me too, but all my influences are linked to our northern identity and living up North.Blog 1-1-14 (5)

At the same time as our capsule collection project, we had an innovation project which also produced a really interesting outcome for me.
I am curious about lines and the way in which they work together, and for years now I have used line to create artworks as inspiration to inform my woven designs.
It’s really interesting to see how different creative practitioners are inspired by different things, but lines and geometric shapes very much inspire me. I see them everywhere!



I started by exploring lines again through different artworks and really liked the idea of layering my work on top of each other. I used the laser cutter a few times to work into my pieces. That piece of equipment is so fun to watch, and it works well of fabric as well as paper. I developed these idea’s into woven designs too, and came up with these next pictures. I did not see the need to use colour as this time because this was a shorter project, however the potential is definitely there!

Untitled drawing (1)


IMG_20131215_000638A lot of work, time and effort in the High Mill this semester allowed me a few free days where I went to Stirling to see my friend before I came home for Christmas. I visited on a cold and frosty weekend, Stirling is such a pretty place.
Stirling Castle from the top;

IMG_20131210_014750 IMG_20131208_110339

Of course I was so glad to finally get home at the end of December to finally relax and not think about uni for a few weeks. Cold, wind and rain, I was back to Shetland with a bang….but there is something nice about being by the sea again. By the sea, I definitely feel at home.

So Happy New Year everyone, hope it brings you all you wished for. And if you fancy following me on my new years resolution to take a photo a day for a year – you can do at;
a photo a day for a year – – and here is the first picture I took today on New Years Day morning.


Back to the Borders…..

I’ve been back down in the Borders for eight weeks now….(how?) The days are passing so quickly, it’s crazy, and all my time is spent, yarn wrapping, weaving and thinking about textiles. Below is the view from my loom this year.

IMG_20131106_210757This is my final year down here, so we are free to decide our own project. During my summer at home in Shetland and weaving for the Ann Sutton Foundation in Yell, I have realised the importance of Shetland and it’s heritage to me as a young local. I have continued themes of this into my work for my capsule collection.
 Being from a remote location like Shetland is so special, as we are aware that we live in a unique place and this can relate to creative projects really well. I have been exploring our connections with Scandinavia and our own Northern Identity as a unique Island up North.

Here are some photo’s of what I have been up to lately to illustrate my project in a snapshot….and since its Wovember – I have been weaving with 100% wool throughout my project, but I’m currently weaving a large 36″ warp with Shetland Wool – which I am so excited about.

IN 3







I love the dry stone dykes in Shetland….so many geometric shapes!
(Love a geometric shape, I do)

This has to be one of my favourite photographs I took this summer in Lerwick, down near the Lodberries at Bains Beach. I love this old part of the town as there are so many aspects where industrial meets natural and this is something I am really interested in.



DSCF4064 DSCF4001The things which we pass every day yet we take for granted, as they are not a typical ‘beautiful spot’ but I’ve noticed when I am no longer there, these are the things that make up our sense of place, and can contribute to our identity as islanders.

I love taking photographs and they are a main part of my visual work before I get to the design stage.
Keep an eye out for more progress as this semester comes to an end in 4 weeks!










A quick peak at a few sketchbook pages, setting up the loom and a few development samples for you:







IMG_20131030_164541 IMG_20131030_164720

A busy few months….

So it’s been pretty hectic here in the Scottish Borders for the past two months, but all the hard work will hopefully pay off!! And now we can all relax a little bit as summer is approaching, and we have handed in all our work! The lighter nights are well underway and   spring has sprung here in Gala!

I’ve uploaded a few pictures from my instagram to illustrate how our 12 hour long days were spent during January, February and March in the studio and weaving shed. The Design for Industry module had us designing fabric as part of a live brief for Scottish lifestyle brand ANTA.


IMG_20130304_151748 IMG_20130315_083844 IMG_20130318_120642 IMG_20130318_192730

I can’t quite believe thats my first year over at Heriot Watt, I feel like I just got here! But I am very much looking forward to 4th year in September……I think.

I was home in Shetland for three weeks at the beginning of April, which was great. I spent most of it catching up on sleep and taking pictures of Shetland. I love going home, and seeing everything which I am so used to seeing. It’s weird how when I am away I find myself wondering about what might have changed, but usually on return, nothing has. This is probably why I like going home so much, but also one of the reasons why I wanted to leave to go to uni. I think it is important as a young islander to experience living south, because you appreciate Shetland so much more as a place, and as your home, when you come back. I know I have.


IMG_20130429_150840 IMG_20130413_182853I was lucky enough to have three weeks of lovely weather too. I seem to have become obsessed with taking landscape pictures….which is weird for me as it is usually buildings and any sort of geometric shape which I am attracted too. But it is any of these pictures that I take which usually inspire my design work. I don’t know where I would be without my camera or phone!
I am also pleased to announce that I have been accepted on the Stay and Make program for 12 weeks at the Ann Sutton Foundation up in Yell, during the summer.
It should be a creative summer to remember, and I am glad to be going home too!