Ending 2013 back home…..

The 14 or so weeks of my first semester of 4th year certainly flew by, and now we are into the start of 2014 which will be the year of change and opportunities, hopefully.
My capsule collection was based on themes of Shetland, particularly Lerwick, and outside influences that help to inspire me too, but all my influences are linked to our northern identity and living up North.Blog 1-1-14 (5)

At the same time as our capsule collection project, we had an innovation project which also produced a really interesting outcome for me.
I am curious about lines and the way in which they work together, and for years now I have used line to create artworks as inspiration to inform my woven designs.
It’s really interesting to see how different creative practitioners are inspired by different things, but lines and geometric shapes very much inspire me. I see them everywhere!



I started by exploring lines again through different artworks and really liked the idea of layering my work on top of each other. I used the laser cutter a few times to work into my pieces. That piece of equipment is so fun to watch, and it works well of fabric as well as paper. I developed these idea’s into woven designs too, and came up with these next pictures. I did not see the need to use colour as this time because this was a shorter project, however the potential is definitely there!

Untitled drawing (1)


IMG_20131215_000638A lot of work, time and effort in the High Mill this semester allowed me a few free days where I went to Stirling to see my friend before I came home for Christmas. I visited on a cold and frosty weekend, Stirling is such a pretty place.
Stirling Castle from the top;

IMG_20131210_014750 IMG_20131208_110339

Of course I was so glad to finally get home at the end of December to finally relax and not think about uni for a few weeks. Cold, wind and rain, I was back to Shetland with a bang….but there is something nice about being by the sea again. By the sea, I definitely feel at home.

So Happy New Year everyone, hope it brings you all you wished for. And if you fancy following me on my new years resolution to take a photo a day for a year – you can do at;
a photo a day for a year – ajgair.tumblr.com – and here is the first picture I took today on New Years Day morning.



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