Industrial North Final Collection

We had our Degree Show at the beginning of June, so we were finally able to reveal our collections to industry and the public! Here are some shots from the Degree Show showing my Industrial North Collection:

Industrial North
A collection of dobby and jacquard woven fabrics inspired by Shetlands northern identity as a small island located between mainland Scotland and Norway.
Capturing the movement of line, colour and geometric shape from my own mixed media artworks and the location of Shetland, the collection combines these aspects with traditional woven fabric qualities, such as herringbones, twills and checks and the use of 100% Shetland wool, lambswool and merino.
The final collection brings together influences from Shetland, traditional Scottish fabric qualities and linear aspects of Scandinavian design.
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As my project was based on Shetland and its identity, when I was home at Easter I took some pictures of my friend Ella, wearing my weaving.
We went down to Da Sletts, (the place where I took most of my photographs for my starting point, and also where I took the picture that I used for the Shetland Open at Bonhoga) and the Lodberries as they are two of my favourite parts of Lerwick.
Now, I want to get some of these actually made up into garments like my CAD simulations I used in my display.
I should also add that in some of my samples I used Shetland wool from Jamieson and Smith. It is so lovely and soft when woven and washed and I hope to continue using it in my work.

9 11 5 14 6All the hard worked paid off and I recently found out I will be graduating with First Class Honors at the end of this week!
I have set up a website for my work which is over at if you want to take a look…..
Everything is very exciting at the moment and I will be displaying my collection at the New Designers part 1 Exhibition, which is held every year at the Business Design Center in Islington from the 25th till the 28th of June, so if you are near please come and say Hello!



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